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10 Aug 2016

Manage Your Files In cPanel

You have a website and new hosting, now what?  How do you upload and manage your website files?  There are a few ways you can manage your files in cPanel, which we will discuss in detail. OPTION 1: Using cPanel File Manager To use the new file manager within cPanel Paper Lantern, you must first login to your account on […]

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12 May 2014

Managing Your Email Addresses With Gmail

A feature that not many people seem to know about is managing your email addresses with Gmail. As long as you know the connection details for each address you want add, merging them should be a snap. Creating A New Email Address In CPanel I am going to assume you are needing to create a new email address. To achieve this you […]

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20 Jan 2014

Don’t Be Fooled, “Unlimited Space” Doesn’t Mean What You Might Think

More often times than not, you will come across the term “Unlimited Storage” or “Unlimited Space” when looking for a web hosting package. Now, don’t be fooled, unlimited space doesn’t mean what you might think. Web hosting companies will use this bait to lure you into thinking you can store all your heart desires on your shared hosting space, but wait there’s a catch.

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