A very helpful homework assignment that you can complete, is finding websites that appeal to you. This can be anywhere from simply loving the color theme to liking the way a websites buttons are styled. The first step is to find websites that showcase…well…websites! I have compiled a short list of the websites you can use to find inspiration.

Web Creme

Screenshot of www.webcreme.com
Web Creme has a pretty big collection of websites. Most of them seem to follow the same sort of layout and pattern which may or may not appeal to you.


Screenshot of creattica.com
Creattica doesn’t have quite the showcase as Web Creme, but can provide some very good ideas. There are also galleries for logos, brochure design, and typography among other things.


Screenshot of www.pinterest.com
Yes, Pinterest. If you search for ‘web design’ or even ‘web inspiration,’ you will pretty astounded by the results you get. There is a lot of different things happening on Pinterest and good designers post their creations regularly.


While this wasn’t a very extensive list, it should be enough to get you going or at least point you in the right direction. While viewing these websites, pay attention to the details you find such as what happens when your mouse hovers over an element, how colors are used, etc. These details can go a long way in helping us create the perfect solution for you.