A feature that not many people seem to know about is managing your email addresses with Gmail. As long as you know the connection details for each address you want add, merging them should be a snap.

Creating A New Email Address In CPanel

I am going to assume you are needing to create a new email address. To achieve this you need to log into your CPanel account, which is created automatically when you sign up for hosting. Simply navigate to yourdomain.com/cpanel to access this service. Once you have logged into CPanel the browser will display a webpage similar if not identical to the one shown in the image below. You are looking for the Email Accounts icon:   CPanel-Email-Accounts

Clicking on this icon will direct you to the email account management page. The next step is to create your new email address and assign a password and an account disk space limit. The default 250mb should be plenty.

Finding Your Connection Details

Now that you have created your email address, the next step is to find your connection details. On the email account management page, find the more dropdown menu next to the email address you wish to merge into Gmail.


Clicking on this dropdown menu will give you two options. Access Webmail and Configure Email Client. To make things easier later on, right click on the Access Webmail option and open it in a new tab or window. Leave this for now as we will need to come back and access this later on. Now navigate to Configure Email Client:


You can choose to configure Microsoft Outlook or a variety of other email clients on this page also. For our purposes, scroll down and look for the Manual Settings section. Take note of the details you see under the Secure SSL/TLS Settings, these will be important when directing Gmail to your account. CPanel-Email-Account-Configuration-Settings


Connecting The Account Into Gmail

First you need to log into your Gmail/Google account and find the settings section. This is located on the top right of the page and has an icon of a gear. Gmail-Settings

Clicking on this icon will display numerous options. The one we are looking for is Settings. Next, click on the Accounts and Import settings option. Gmail-Accounts-and-Import

Now we need to tell Gmail that we want to connect an account that you can send and receive mail from. Find the Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section and click Add a POP3 mail account you own.

A popup will appear and prompt you for the name and email address. Fill this in with the address you created a few minutes ago.


Now, refer back to the other tab you have open that contains the connection information. Use that information to fill out the next form. Change the username, password, POP server, and port to the correct values and then click Add Account.


The next step is to verify your ownership of the email. Gmail will send an email to the address you are connecting.


Switch to the tab that we left open with access to your new addresses' web mail.  Find the verification code and paste it into the prompt.


Once you click verify, if all goes according to plan, your new email address will be manageable through Gmail.