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17 Mar 2014

WordPress Training Creating A New Post

In this WordPress Training segment you will learn the skills necessary to write and publish a post. In WordPress, a post can be anything from an article, a photo gallery, a video, or even a collection of links. The term post is a generality and is up to the author in how it is applied to the blog. For the […]

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9 Mar 2014

How do I register or transfer a domain to your company?

Registering a domain with us Registering a domain is very easy.  We will go through some simple steps on what you need to do to register your domain. STEP 1: Register on our site STEP 2: Confirmation Email You will receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your account. STEP 3: Login to our site STEP 4: Finding your […]

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28 Feb 2014

Finding Websites That Appeal To You

A very helpful homework assignment that you can complete, is finding websites that appeal to you. This can be anywhere from simply loving the color theme to liking the way a websites buttons are styled. The first step is to find websites that showcase…well…websites! I have compiled a short list of the websites you can use to find inspiration. Web […]

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27 Feb 2014

Researching Your Competition

A very important step in creating an online presence is researching your competition. Knowing and understanding what your competition has to offer, how much they charge, how they generate leads, and what keywords they use will help you create an effective website. Simple Web Search If you are new to your business and am unsure who your competition is, do […]

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