Registering a domain with us

Registering a domain is very easy.  We will go through some simple steps on what you need to do to register your domain.

STEP 1: Register on our site



STEP 2: Confirmation Email

You will receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your account.

STEP 3: Login to our site


STEP 4: Finding your domain name



STEP 5: Adding domain to your cart


STEP 6: Configuring your domain (OPTIONAL)

You have the opportunity to customize your domain settings and add optional FREE addons such as DNS Management, Email Forwarding, and ID Protection.  It is important to keep the NAMESERVERS pointing to our servers if you plan on purchasing hosting through us, otherwise change nameservers to your current hosting provider.


STEP 7: Review and Checkout

Please review your order and make sure everything is correct.


STEP 8: Make payment

As of right now we only accept payments through PayPal.


That’s it!  Your domains will be listed in your account under “My Domains”.

Transferring a domain to us from another registrar (Godaddy, bluehost, hostmonster, etc)

There are several steps needed in order to transfer your existing domain to us.

STEP 1: Unlocking your domain with your current host.

Make sure your domain you are wanting to transfer is UNLOCKED.  Typically this is under Domain Details as “Lock” or “Domain Lock”.  Set this to “OFF” or “UN CHECK” option and “SAVE”.

Here are some links to instructions on how to do this from some major hosting companies:




STEP 2: Request EPP Code or Authorization Code

Typically under your domain settings with your current host there will be an option to request EPP Code or Authorization Code.  When you request this code your current host will EMAIL you this code.  This usually takes only a few minutes.  You WILL NEED this code when you transfer your domain to us on OUR SITE.

Here are some links to instructions on how to do this from some major hosting companies:




STEP 3: Login your account on our site.  (Same as above)

STEP 4: Select Transfer Domain to Us


STEP 5: Adding your site URL for transfer

In this section make sure you type YOUR DOMAIN NAME that you want to transfer to us.  If there is a LOCK on your domain it will come back as UNAVAILABLE.  Please refer back to STEP 1 to unlock your domain then try again.


STEP 6: Adding EPP Code or Authorization Code

When you add domain to your cart it will ask for your EPP Code.  This is the code that your current host provider has emailed to you.


STEP 7: Checking out and placing order

Same as when you register a new domain check out and submit payment.

STEP 8: Transfer Authorization

You will receive an email from us with a Approve Transfer Link (THIS IS NOT SPAM!).  Click on the link towards the bottom that says “Approve Transfer Link” to authorize the transfer.  Once you click on the link you will see a success page that says “We have received your domain secret. Your request for transfer of domain will be processed shortly.


STEP 9:  Receiving email from current domain registrar

You will receive an email from your current domain registrar (host provider) with a transfer notice.  This email requires NO ACTION on your part.  It is simply a notice that your transfer is in progress.  Depending on who your current domain registrar is it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days for them to release your domain to us.  Once this is done you will receive an email from us that this transaction has been completed.



If you allow your domain to expire before transferring it to us, depending on who your current host provider is, it could take up to 90 days before your domain can be transferred.  Some hosts allow a redemption period before the domain can be released.  If you allow it to expire from your current host you will have to pay a redemption fee which is expensive and then the normal transfer fee on top of that.