Popular Questions

  • Q. Does it cost more to have a responsive site versus a regular one?

    Absolutely not.  Every site we build is automatically designed to be responsive.  We build all sites using an advanced responsive framework from the ground up.  There are no additional costs or fees for implementing such a design.  In fact, having a responsive web design will save you hundreds of dollars rather than have one static site and one mobile site that are separate from each other.

  • Q. What is responsive web design?

    Responsive web design is the process in which content from a website including images are auto adjusted to fit the screen the user is viewing the website from.

  • Q. My current site is not responsive can you make it so that it is?

    Yes.  We can take any existing site and break it down and rebuild it to be completely responsive.  Depending on the size of the site and how many pages you have this process would not take very long at all.

  • Q. How does Responsive Web Design benefit my business?

    As we all know almost everyone carries with them a smart phone or tablet almost all the time.  Smart phones and tablets have become a way of life for people on the go.  It would only make sense to take advantage of this using a responsive web design for your business.  When you pass out your cards to prospects they are more than likely going to check your business site with their phone or tablet before they even go home and use a desktop computer.  If your site is not responsive you have a higher chance of losing that customer due to lack of information because of frustrating static pages and hard to read content.

  • Q. What kind of support do you offer for VPC?

    We offer Managed Support for all VPC packages for an addtional cost.