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This has been a long time in the making. Meeting each other in high school and becoming long time friends, Aaron and Chad decided to pursue a career that they both love.

In 2003 Chad enlisted in the Air Force as an Electrician. After a few combat tours Chad decided he had enough with the lifestyle the military provided and situated himself in Colorado Springs, CO.

Aaron took a different approach to the military and joined the Army as an infantryman. He had a strong desire to live in the toughest conditions the Army had to offer and wanted to test the limits of his resolve.

Once Aaron exited the military and attended college for computer programming, he contacted Chad and together they formed The Official Geeks in August 2013.

What this means for you as a customer is that you will have two veterans who know the meaning of hard work, focus, attention to detail, and commitment.

We want to give small businesses and non-profits a chance to build their presense on the web without spending a fortune. We believe in building trust with all our clients by not only providing quality services, but helping them grow their business and organizations.


To provide small business and non-profits a hassle and headache free web presence solution.

Chad Cook
Chad Cook
Project Manager, IT Support
An IT security junkie and gamer. Chad has several years of experience managing servers and security policies for various organizations. He brings his experience and dedication to the team.
Aaron Arney
Aaron Arney
A self-taught computer nerd. Aaron has been making websites since 1999 and is continually improving his skills through reading and practice. He is incredibly passionate and dedicated to his work.

This is your chance to make something special.