Securing Your Site Made Easy

Let us handle your site's security so you can run your business without worry.

Threat Assessment

We make a full evaluation of your site to determine the status of your vulnerability on the web. This assessment addresses the following: open unused ports, firewall configuration, outdated software, third-party plugins, brute force protection, access control, encryption, and website optimization.


Once a full threat assessment is made we will write a full report and make recommendations on how to handle each threat and the requirements needed to better secure your website from possible attacks.


The final process is implementing the recommendations by patching, updating, and fixing vulnerabilities directly on your hosting server and website CMS. We will log all updates and changes for your records and will continue to monitor your site for any new threats that arise.

We Offer Two Options:

One Time Assessment

We will do a full assessment on your site and implement all recommendations for a one-time fee.

Monthly Security Management

For a monthly subscription we will monitor and keep your site secure and automatically patch, update, and implement any changes as needed. We will also document and log all changes for your business records.

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